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  1. Andrew Wilson

    Very cool to have stumbled upon the work of my second cousin by total chance and been properly blown away. Awesome work, Alex!

  2. Joel K Designs

    Been a huge fan of your work since the early days dude, so good to see all your stuff back on the web again!

  3. Jason Pfitzer

    You’ve done exceptional as long as I can remember and it only gets better. It’s been a privilege to know and work with you. Cheers dude!

  4. Connor

    Painfully into how good all of this work is my dude.

  5. Lulu

    Fantastic !

  6. Justin Watts

    You’ve created dope shit since way before Bungie, but it’s super cool seeing it attached to a game + studio that I love. Keep crushing it!

  7. Hanaofangel

    Great portfolio. I have to say you’ve been cherished by you parents to have pristine body of work from the day you started drawing 🔥

  8. Lichart

    Fantastic work mate! Keep on killin it!

  9. Justin Binette

    Fantastic site! It was a joy just poking around

  10. Brian

    Congrats! Did you use netscape or AOL for your internet during the build?

  11. neko

    really good vibes and even cooler than poolsuite

  12. norseg

    this internet stuff is pretty wild

  13. Chrisa Cubellis

    Absolutely fantastic & inspiring website, love the archive-forward openness

  14. Jeremy Rech

    I want to log onto Homestar Runner now!

  15. Andrew DeArcos

    Loving the retro portfolio, it really rings of that fresh internet era. Feels great, looks great, works well. 10/10

  16. Sunny

    greetings from Canada!

  17. Katie

    Idk how I made it here, but I’m here.

  18. Max Tabin

    Amazing job! Love the vibes.

  19. Predrag

    So much wow.

  20. Malik Larkin

    Absolute legend.

  21. Troy McClure

    If A Cow Ever Got The Chance, He’d Eat You And Everyone You Care About

  22. Fanny

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ this site is so c00000l!

  23. pat

    just surfed on in

  24. Tyler Zientara

    Wow, this is so unique! Kudos

  25. Dan Ballance

    Love this, Alex! Thanks for putting so much work into deconstructing the internet. <3

  26. Matej

    What an impressive and inspiring body of work!!!!

  27. Manoel Neto

    this portfolio renewed my energies! wonderful thing you have there

  28. Ryan Anthony Ward

    Got a feeling this new internet thing might be big one day. Good to see you getting ahead of the curve with your Graphics Design web site.

  29. tia smith

    immaculate vibes

  30. Levi

    Alex is top tier. Got to have lunch just once in Minneapolis when we both lived there, and still remember his creative advice. Champion.

  31. Matt Houser

    You never cease to inspire me. Great work Alex

  32. Alana

    If i’m just {bAd NeWs}
    then you’re a *~*~liar~*~*
    ┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)(╯ ̄Д ̄)╯╘═╛

  33. Mark Stuckert

    This is absolutely stunning and genuinely inspiring. Goddamn well done

  34. Todd Coleman

    This. Is. Incredible.

  35. Trent


  36. Ka Lee

    Your work continues to be mad inspiring. Always ALWAYS one level up.

    H.A.G.S ✌️

  37. Josh Lanphear

    This is incredible. Nice job!

  38. Austin

    Nostalgia bomb of a website. Best Viewed On Netscape Navigator 3.0.

  39. Noah Jacobus

    Hell yea dude

  40. Paul

    hello I very much enjoyed this website

  41. Spencer

    | #1 |
    ( | Best |)
    | Site |

  42. Dylan Wells

    Incredible site, incredible work. Nice job Alex!

  43. Jeff Wiggins

    Wait I forgot to sign the guestbook till now!!

  44. Brandon

    ????️ ❤️ ????

  45. Megs

    a/s/l?? 36/f/wa 😉

  46. Biwald

    Joe was here O_o

    Keep up the killer design work!

  47. elittlejohn

    corn brain

  48. Romero Ocelot

    I got the horses in the back
    Horse tack is attached
    Hat is matte black
    Got the boots that’s black to match

  49. Stewart Cheifet

    Marshall McLuhan said that one day we would all live in a global village. An electronic community interconnected by communications networks

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