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From the outset, I knew I didn’t want a mobile version of the site. Mobile sites certainly have their use cases, but I’d rather people not look at my 40″ posters on their 5″ phone screens.


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Beneath each image in a project, is an icon representing the type of image, the image’s file name, and the size of the file. For videos, the length is listed instead.


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Despite our best efforts, getting a functioning visitor counter to run well on a 2022 site is…well, there’s a reason you stopped seeing them. Instead, the counter changes to a random number to still maintain the energy of the counters we knew and loved.

Balboa & Bedford, the site’s developer, suggested using a series of “modules” that would enable a great degree of customization when building out a project’s page. In the end, I designed 7 different modules.


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Fun fact, all but the video module are being used on this very page!


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Miscellaneous folder styles always reflect the GUIs of the era in which the work was made.

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